Website SEO Analysis Report Will Help Your Site In Many Ways

website seo analysis report

Would you like a website seo analysis report?  They are amazing!  An SEO analyis can keep you from stumbling around in the dark and can help you get traffic to your website. Why do you want traffic?  Because traffic leads to potential customers. Potential customers lead to customers.  Customers lead to income.

How does an seo analysis help you?   An analysis will show how your site measures up with what Google wants. Google has specific criteria that must be met to have a site or webpage rank high.

seo website analysisHere is an easy way to get a fast, yet complete report on what your website needs.  Sign up for a FREE Trial at ShineRanker and you will get a FREE SEO Site Audit.

This expert website audit report will show you what is keeping your website or blog from ranking and getting traffic.

The custom report includes:

✔ URL – list of URLs found on your site.

✔ GAnalytics Found – Checks if Google Analytics is present on your pages.

✔ Response Time – How fast your pages loads

✔ SSL – checks if your site has SSL (Secure Socket Layer) installed.

✔ Ranked Keyword – Shows the keyword that is ranking for a specific URL.

✔ Meta Description and Length –

✔ Status and Status Codes – Shows the current status of web pages (200, 404, etc.)

✔ Email and Phone Number- Checks if there’s an email address on the pages.

✔ Social Links and Contact Forms – Checks if there’s social links on the pages.

✔ Title – Checks length of titles.

✔ Redirect URL and Redirect Type – Shows if it redirects to a different URL.

✔ H1 and H2 including Length – Checks H1 and H2 tags

✔ Image and Heading Count– Counts the number of images.

✔ Indexability – Are your pages indexed

..and  More

Note: Max 1000 URLs per audit

Get your site audit here.